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Analysis of the current situation and development prospect of short video social media market

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DOI: 10.25236/iceieis.2022.068


Xia Chaozheng

Corresponding Author

Xia Chaozheng


In recent years, with the development of social economy, science and technology, and the improvement of people’s material culture and living standards, spiritual culture has ushered in a diversified development prospect, entering a comprehensive and vertical stage. Under the needs of many users at different levels, along with the development and widespread application of 5G technology, short videos of various information, entertainment, social, and food categories have also developed rapidly, which has promoted the rapid development of the short video social media market. More importantly, it has promoted the technological reform of short videos and formed a new ecosystem of short videos. Various short video apps and short video applets have also emerged in the social media market. According to the short video social media market, this article will analyze the background, current actual situation and development trend of related short video media, so as to put forward some suggestions for the development prospects and order maintenance of the short video social media market for your reference.


short video; development prospect; current situation and trend; social media; market analysis