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Research on Students’ Participation in Educational and Teaching Management Work in Colleges and Universities under the Student-oriented Concept

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DOI: 10.25236/iceieis.2022.060


Wu Meiping

Corresponding Author

Wu Meiping


With the continuous innovation and development of higher education in China, the teaching system of colleges and universities is also undergoing deepening reform. In the work of education and teaching in Colleges and universities, management is indispensable. The management of colleges and universities should be student-oriented. Through innovative management methods, colleges and universities can strengthen the smooth progress of education and teaching while emphasizing and respecting the main position of college students. Allowing college students to participate in education and teaching management is conducive to further cultivate and improve the independent management level of contemporary college students under the background of the progress of the times. Based on this, this paper studies students’ participation in educational and teaching management work in colleges and universities under the student-oriented concept.


Student-oriented concept, Students participation, Colleges and universities, Educational and teaching management work