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On the Path of College English from EGP to ESP

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DOI: 10.25236/iceieis.2022.056


Jufang Zhi, Yuhua Li

Corresponding Author

Jufang Zhi


The College English Teaching Guide developed by the College Foreign Language Teaching Steering Committee of colleges and universities clearly points out that the current college English education should pay attention to the cultivation of students’ English application ability and autonomous learning ability, improve students’ cross-cultural communication awareness and communication ability, as well as students’ Comprehensive English literacy. In order to achieve this goal, English Teaching in some universities in China (especially some majors with strong applicability) has begun to change from EGP (English General Purpose) to ESP (English Specific Purpose). However, due to its late start and immature development, ESP teaching has not been fully applied in College English teaching practice. Based on this, based on the analysis of relevant concepts, this paper puts forward the path of College English from EGP to ESP, in order to improve the scientific, pertinence and innovation of College English teaching and training applied talents.


College English, EGP, ESP, Applied talents