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Research on the Application of 5G Communication Technology under the Internet of Things

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DOI: 10.25236/iceieis.2022.054


Deyang Lin, Jiapeng Wang

Corresponding Author

Deyang Lin


With the continuous improvement of social science and technology, Internet computer technology has gradually expanded its application in all walks of life. In this era, the convenience of 5G communication technology for people’s production and life has gradually been valued by people. With the vigorous construction and layout of 5G technology in China, its technical characteristics of high-speed transmission and low delay are endowed to the Internet of things industry, which will accelerate the development process of the industry, promote the expansion of industrialization scale, and bring a breakthrough and far-reaching impact on the industry. 5G technology provides a good progressive environment and space for the Internet of things, and the Internet of things also provides a practical basis for the development of 5G technology. Based on this, this paper studies the application of 5G communication technology under the situation of Internet of things.


Internet of things, 5G communication technology, Application