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Design and Implementation of Network Embedded Control System Based on Linux

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DOI: 10.25236/iceieis.2022.051


Jiapeng Wang, Deyang Lin

Corresponding Author

Jiapeng Wang


In order to solve the technical disadvantage of low efficiency and low stability of traditional PLC controllers, this paper proposes to use embedded Linux to design an intelligent control system, and describes the 32-bit high-performance microcontroller based on ARM core combined with embedded Linux control system The design method of the control system, introduces the control system hardware, software design ideas and system network architecture. The operation results show that the overall performance of the control system is good. The touch screen provides users with a friendly human-computer interaction interface, which improves the ease of use of the operating platform. The network camera performs centralized monitoring of the industrial environment, and remote detection and remote control through the Internet network. good application prospects.


Linux; network embedded; control system