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Research on the innovation of the training mode of management innovation and entrepreneurial talents in colleges and universities based on demand

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DOI: 10.25236/iceieis.2022.048


Li Ruijie

Corresponding Author

Li Ruijie


In order to meet the needs of social development for entrepreneurial management talents, this paper is committed to exploring the training objectives of changing the traditional applied management talents. Relying on the theoretical research on entrepreneurial management and entrepreneurial education, from clear training objectives, innovative curriculum settings, and enriching teaching It tries to build an overall training model for entrepreneurial management talents in terms of content, improving teaching methods, systematically building a practical education system, broadening training channels, and constructing and implementing supporting measures. In order to promote the integration of entrepreneurship education and management professional education, improve the teaching level and talent training quality of colleges and universities, and cultivate and deliver entrepreneurial management talents with entrepreneurial spirit and entrepreneurial ability for the society.


demand; management talents; innovation and entrepreneurship; talent training