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Innovative Research on the Education Mode of Finance and Accounting Talents in the Era of "Big Data"

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DOI: 10.25236/iceieis.2022.047


Li Yang, Du Rui

Corresponding Author

Li Yang


In recent years, big data has developed rapidly in all walks of life, and has also had an important impact on the accounting industry. However, in accounting education, although the majors of "big data and accounting" and "big data and financial management" have been established, However, the overall transformation of finance and accounting education is relatively lagging behind. Students trained on the basis of traditional finance and accounting education may be unable to meet the needs of society in the future. In the era of big data, it is very necessary to study how to transform finance teaching. In this paper, from the three aspects of the ability requirements that accounting talents need to have in the era of big data, the exploration of the teaching training mode in the era of big data, and the feedback of students on the new teaching training mode, the innovation of the training mode for accounting professionals in the era of big data This issue is discussed and researched, in order to better promote the innovative research on the training mode of financial and accounting talents in colleges and universities in the era of "big data", and to better serve students and the society.


Big data; Financial Accounting; Education Mode