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Research on the Psychological Barriers and Adjustment Countermeasures of College Students’ Employment

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DOI: 10.25236/iceieis.2022.045


Bao Bin

Corresponding Author

Bao Bin


In recent years, the rapid economic development has promoted social progress. At the same time, the social market competition is becoming more and more intense, “difficult employment” has long been a common social problem. The fierce market competition, coupled with the fact that some colleges and universities have not yet conducted teaching based on employment, makes it difficult to improve students’ employability and market competitiveness. For students, graduation employment is an important turning point and the only way in their life course. Under the influence of various factors, some college students have psychological barriers to employment, and there are bad emotions such as blind obedience, fear of hardship, anxiety, inferiority complex, which affect their physical and mental health and future development to a certain extent. In view of this situation, we should analyze the main manifestations and causes of College Students’ employment psychological barriers, and study strategies to adjust college students’ employment psychological barriers, so as to alleviate college students’ employment psychological pressure and effectively solve the problem of College Students’ employment psychological barriers.


College students, Psychological barriers to employment, Adjustment countermeasures