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On the Relationship between Piano Playing Skills and Timbre Performance

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DOI: 10.25236/iceieis.2022.044


Zhang Yuehan

Corresponding Author

Zhang Yuehan


The piano is “The king of musical instruments”. It has a wide range, majestic momentum and graceful timbre, so it is widely loved by people all over the world. Playing graceful and melodious piano music is inseparable from the mutual cooperation and contrast of piano timbres. The unremitting pursuit of graceful piano timbre is the eternal goal of piano musicians and piano art performers. The aesthetic significance of piano tells people that piano must have graceful timbre in order to bring aesthetic enjoyment in hearing and purity in soul to the audience. In the piano performance, if you want to play a graceful piano timbre with vitality and expressiveness, so as to move the hearts of the audience, you must first master the piano performance skills. Different piano playing skills will produce different piano timbre, and the change of piano timbre will produce different playing effects. This paper discusses and analyzes the relationship between piano playing skills and timbre performance.


Piano, Playing skills, Timbre performance, Relationship