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Research on Art Design Innovation in the Context of New Media

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DOI: 10.25236/iceieis.2022.042


Yuebin Gao

Corresponding Author

Yuebin Gao


With the rapid development of the network, the media industry has undergone rapid and profound changes. The new media represented by network media has gradually replaced the dominant position of traditional paper media and television media, and we have ushered in the era of new media. The special nature of media determines the higher requirements of media for art design. In the new media era, information is full of all surrounding contexts, and the quality of information directly determines the value and popularity of information. Therefore, designers in the new media era must pay attention to what needs to meet the audience when developing products, and the aesthetic values of designers in art design will directly determine the design of designers, and then affect the social influence of products. Therefore, this paper will explore the artistic innovation in the context of new media from the characteristics of art design in the context of new media.


New media, Art design, Innovation