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Exploration of Orff Music Education in Colleges’ Preschool Education Major

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DOI: 10.25236/iceieis.2022.036


Wu Nan

Corresponding Author

Wu Nan


With the reform and development of the new curriculum standard, Orff music teaching method in preschool education has been concerned by more and more educators. Orff music teaching method covers a brand-new concept of music teaching. It can be used in music teaching to correctly guide the performance forms of children's students to express their pleasant emotions through singing and playing musical instruments, so that children can learn music in a relaxed way. Therefore, starting from the connotation and characteristics of Orff music teaching method, this paper explores the strategies of developing Orff music education in preschool education majors in Colleges and universities, in order to promote Orff music teaching method to play its real role in preschool education.


College, Preschool education major, Orff music education