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Research on monitoring technology of marine oil spill environment based on LoT+GIS

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DOI: 10.25236/iceieis.2022.031


Zhiqiang Zhao

Corresponding Author

Zhiqiang Zhao


This paper designs a real-time construction system for marine oil spill pollution scenarios based on I0T+GIS, including a processing mechanism for receiving and processing marine oil spill pollution data, a simulation mechanism for simulating and constructing real-time scenes, and a receiving and processing mechanism. The letter totals three components of the control mechanism that controls the simulation mechanism. The real-time construction system of the marine oil spill pollution scene based on IOT+GIS of the present invention combines the three components of the processing mechanism, the simulation mechanism and the control mechanism, and uses the IOT and GIS technology to truly simulate the marine oil spill situation in the real scene in the virtual and In the real scene, the real-time and dynamic prediction of sudden marine oil spill accidents is greatly improved, and the efficiency of emergency decision-making for marine oil spill accidents is improved.


LOT; GIS; oil spill; environmental monitoring