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On the Cultivation of Music Aesthetic Ability of Students Majoring in Preschool Education in Higher Vocational Colleges

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DOI: 10.25236/iceieis.2022.027


Wu Nan

Corresponding Author

Wu Nan


Music is an art that reflects the emotion of human real life. It can stimulate children’s interest in learning and make them better accept music knowledge. Music education plays an important role in preschool education. It can not only stimulate children’s potential, but also develop children’s personality. Students majoring in preschool education in higher vocational colleges will be engaged in the work of preschool teachers in the future, which requires students majoring in preschool education to have a certain comprehensive ability and quality, and music aesthetic ability is one of them. Therefore, the music education of preschool education specialty in higher vocational colleges should expand the existing teaching means, innovate teaching methods, take emotional experience as the cut-off point, carry out the cultivation of aesthetic power in music practice education, and effectively improve the music aesthetic ability and aesthetic quality of preschool education students.


Higher vocational colleges, Preschool education major, Music aesthetics