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On the Way of Integrating Red Resources into Ideological and Political Teaching in Colleges and Universities

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DOI: 10.25236/iceieis.2022.024


Fang Shengyuan

Corresponding Author

Fang Shengyuan


Red resources carry the excellent history and culture of the Chinese nation and are the condensation of the spirit of the times. Based on the new era, the ideological and political courses in Colleges and universities are assuming more and more important responsibilities for educating people. The unique educational role of red resources is adapting to the goal of cultivating responsible and responsible socialist newcomers in Ideological and political courses in Colleges and universities. Therefore, educators in Colleges and universities should make the red resources become the cultural platform and effective path for the innovation of Ideological and political teaching methods in Colleges and universities, so as to promote college students to deeply understand the sense of national mission and always maintain a heart of awe while learning ideological and political theories.


Red resources, Colleges and universities, Ideological and political teaching