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Research on Extracurricular Sports Training in Universities from the Perspective of Sunshine Sports in China

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DOI: 10.25236/aepss.2017.038


Wenjie Zhu

Corresponding Author

Wenjie Zhu


The healthy physique of college students is an important cornerstone of national development. In order to improve the physical qualities of college students, the Chinese government has launched a concept of sunshine sports. However, from the implementation perspective of sunshine sports, there are many problems in it, such as lack of concept of extracurricular sports training, lack of platforms of extracurricular sports training and lack of facilities of extracurricular sports training. This paper makes a thorough analysis of the above problems and puts forward some countermeasures to provide some references for the development of sunshine sports in China.


Extracurricular sports training, Sunshine sports, University physical education.