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Urban Garden Plant Landscape Design Based on Low Carbon Concept

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DOI: 10.25236/iceieis.2022.017


Qingfen Wang

Corresponding Author

Qingfen Wang


With the development of the sustainable development strategy, the construction concept of green environmental protection has been gradually popularized, and relevant issues have also been paid attention to. As an irreplaceable part of urban construction, the integration of low-carbon concept into the design of urban garden plant landscape has many advantages, such as improving design quality, improving urban aesthetics, expanding urban green area, conforming to the concept of green, low-carbon, environmental protection and sustainable development. Therefore, relevant practitioners must pay attention to the application of low-carbon concept in the current design of urban landscape plants, and actively explore more effective application measures, so as to play a certain role in promoting the good development of urban greening.


Low carbon concept, Urban garden, Plant landscape design