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Research on Business Model Innovation of Internet + Short Video Culture

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DOI: 10.25236/iceieis.2022.015


Han Xiuping

Corresponding Author

Han Xiuping


With the impact of the global epidemic at home and abroad and the changes in the external environment, China has put forward the policy of economic double cycle to fully stimulate domestic demand. Under this background, the innovation of domestic business model has become a key problem to be solved in many industries. Due to the progress of scientific and Technological Development and the gradual popularization of 5G, “Internet +” has become an ideal direction for traditional industries to transform their business models for bold innovation, and the rise of short video platforms has provided an opportunity for transformation. The commercial retail and promotion mode of the short video platform represented by Tiktok and Kwai contains great commercial value. The innovation of the business mode determines its future development potential. Based on this, this paper studies the business model innovation of Internet + short video culture.


Internet +, Short video culture, Business model, Innovation