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Construction of enterprise human resources sharing service model based on "three pillars" model

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DOI: 10.25236/iceieis.2022.009


Fan Jinhong

Corresponding Author

Fan Jinhong


The first mock exam is in the era of rapid development of knowledge economy, and the importance of human resources is gradually strengthened. Meanwhile, the mode of human resource management has begun to develop from the traditional personnel management to a new model that meets the needs of enterprise development. In this case, the application of the "three pillar" model in human resource management has become a reality, which is based on the strategic mode. Promote the roles and functions of the human resources department to be divided into different aspects, pay attention to the detailed treatment of business, and clarify the problems and needs faced by different departments. How to ensure whether the "three pillars" model operates effectively and plays a role in combination with the respective conditions of the enterprise has also become an important problem to be solved by the enterprises using this model. When the human resources departments of enterprises share the strategic model under the "three pillars" model is actually applied, It can help enterprises pay attention to the effectiveness of the work of the human resources department under the "three pillars" model, urge the human resources department of enterprises to take targeted performance improvement measures according to the performance results, and fundamentally realize the transformation of the strategic role of the Department. The "three pillars" model of human resources has become the main content of human resources transformation of relevant enterprises. Enterprise human resources management has developed from the division of labor based on six modules to the three pillars of human resources management. Finally, it has clearly realized the separation of human resources management and management. The research on it can provide reference for the research of other enterprises.


"Three pillars" model; Enterprises; human resources; Shared service mode