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Application strategy of electrical automation technology in electrical engineering

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DOI: 10.25236/iceieis.2022.008


Zhang Jiangcheng, Zou Zhilong

Corresponding Author

Zou Zhilong


Based on the continuous improvement of China's current scientific level, electrical engineering enterprises must further innovate their own engineering technology in order to maintain good electrical engineering ability. Electrical automation technology can not only enhance the technical safety and stability of electrical engineering related work, but also improve the work efficiency of electrical engineering. Therefore, it has a relatively light application scope in the field of modern electrical engineering. When the development of electrical engineering enterprises, we should comply with the technological development and fully apply electrical automation to modern electrical engineering in our country. Electrical automation technology is based on the integration of artificial intelligence technology and mechanical control technology. This technology comprehensively integrates automation technology and electrical engineering to promote the automation development of electrical engineering application in management. In order to change the inherent defects of electrical engineering, it is necessary to improve the application of electrical automation technology and fully improve the safety and quality of power network. Therefore, this paper deeply discusses the positive presentation of electrical automation technology in the field of electrical engineering, analyzes the innovation and development of electrical automation technology, and provides reference for the development of electrical automation in China.


Electrical automation technology; electrical engineering; Application strategy