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The Spiritual and Cultural Value of Chinese National Folk Music

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DOI: 10.25236/iceieis.2022.004


Leng Jing

Corresponding Author

Leng Jing


Based on the one belt, one road, the cross cultural communication of minority folk music can enhance national political mutual trust, promote economic exchanges between the creative industries in the Silk Road area, promote multicultural integration, broaden the connotation of musical culture, inherit minority folk music culture and spread Chinese excellent culture. “One belt, one road” is an important part of music culture. It strengthens the cultural awareness of ethnic minority folk music and builds a diversified cultural exchange platform; With the help of modern media, it broke the traditional communication mode, strengthened “flexible” communication, innovated cross-cultural communication methods, and promoted the cross-cultural communication of ethnic minority folk music culture in China.


national folk music; spiritual culture; value