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Innovation of Discourse Mode of Political Thought Education for Higher Vocational Students in the All Media Era

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DOI: 10.25236/iemetc.2022.053


Yongxin Zhou

Corresponding Author

Yongxin Zhou


The multi-symbiotic characteristics of the all-media era itself have prompted traditional political thought education to face new challenges, and the discourse structure of political thought education has changed from traditional rational discourse to two-way interaction. At present, there are certain problems when the "micro-political thought" work in vocational school is carried out scientifically. The main reason is that the education work related to "micro-political thought" in vocational school is not given enough attention. Because the computers all over the world are connected by the Internet into a huge database, the information is massive and the content is diverse, which makes the information present a diversified situation in the new media environment, resulting in the exchange and collision of different cultures and the coexistence of diverse values. Red belief reflects the ideals, beliefs, morals and values of the Communist Party of China(CPC) and the working people, and is the solid spiritual pillar and distinctive spiritual symbol of the Chinese nation. This paper mainly aims at students' comprehensive educational influence, so that they can get the information they need at any time. And carry out the learning of relevant knowledge, which can effectively change the traditional wrong cognition and obtain the scientific improvement of thought at the same time.


Machine vision; Classroom; Teaching quality evaluation