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Discussion on the Impact of Low-carbon Economy on Real Estate Economy

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DOI: 10.25236/iemetc.2022.051


Zhou Ying

Corresponding Author

Zhou Ying


In order to achieve sustainable economic growth, my country has begun to advocate a low-carbon economy. By developing a low-carbon economy, we can effectively protect our living environment, and can further adjust and optimize the economic structure. The implementation of low-carbon economy can improve the problem of energy disappearance in the development of real estate economy, and can effectively save energy and reduce consumption in the realty. In the low-carbon development of real estate economy, it is not only conducive to the internal structure optimization of the industry, but also has a positive impact on related industries in the economic chain. Therefore, it is necessary to build a low-carbon economic development standard and formulate an energy saving and emission reduction target in combination with the actual situation in the region. The low-carbon affordable real estate exhibition not only helps to promote green production and consumption, but also can adjust the overall structure of real estate, so as to improve the economic growth rate. This paper expounds the impact of this economic form on the real estate economy, and analyzes the positive and negative effect of low-carbon economy on the future growth of the real estate economy.


low-carbon economy; Real estate economy; affect