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Research on the Innovation and Development of Higher Education Teaching under the New Media Environment

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DOI: 10.25236/iemetc.2022.050


Chen Yuan, Chongzhe Wu

Corresponding Author

Chen Yuan


The original spiritual connotation of media design thought is the most basic ideological element of its existence and development. Ideological and political education inuniversities should examine it from the context of new media, understand it, make good use of it, and make full use of its cultural characteristics, cultural products and expressions, so as to maximize the cultural value of new media. Only in this way can new media really play an important role in college teaching and education. In the teaching process of higher education courses, rational and efficient use of new media technology can build diversified teaching platforms for students, change the boring classroom atmosphere and arouse students' interest in learning. Gradually promoting the innovation and reform of teaching work inuniversities, and the use of new media technology is highly consistent with this teaching model concept, which is an effective way foruniversities to innovate teaching models. College workers should have a deep understanding of new media, be good at researching and digging new media, and promote and maintain the stable and healthy development of teaching and education inuniversities. This paper investigates the characteristics and talent training requirements of China's higher education in the new media era, and based on the current teaching practice inuniversities, explores the innovative development path of professional teaching mode inuniversities in the new media era of higher education.


New media; Higher education and teaching; Innovation; Develop