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Research on Optimization of Innovative Development Path of Ideological Education in Universities based on Complex Adaptive System

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DOI: 10.25236/iemetc.2022.049


Fushou Yang

Corresponding Author

Fushou Yang


New media has become an important channel for college students to obtain information and communicate with each other because of its fast transmission, large amount of information, rich content, wide coverage and strong interaction. This brings new challenges and opportunities to ideological and political education (IPE) in universities. Universities should face up to the impact of new media on college students' "three views", use new media channels to carry out IPE, integrate current political news closely related to college students into IPE, gradually enhance college students' sense of social responsibility, actively use new media channels to develop network IPE resources, and select typical IPE cases to improve the quality of IPE. Based on the complex adaptive system, this paper expounds the influence of the new media environment on ideological work in universities, puts forward innovative strategies for IPE in universities under the new media environment, and analyzes the countermeasures for IPE in universities under the new media environment from the aspects of strengthening students' dominant position, constantly improving new media literacy, expanding channels and ways of information flow interaction, etc. Better promote the development of IPE in universities.


IPE, educational innovation and development, complex adaptive system, new media