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Probe into the Construction of Dance Classroom in Colleges and Universities under the Setting of Educational Informatization

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DOI: 10.25236/iemetc.2022.048


Gang Wei

Corresponding Author

Gang Wei


Under the social setting of the information age, colleges and universities must pay attention to the innovation of teaching mode and carry out high-level teaching activities with the goal of adapting to the talent standards of social development. For this reason, many colleges and universities have actively created brand-new educational courses to ensure good educational effects. With the development of information technology, the forms of its integration in dance teaching are becoming more and more abundant. Many colleges and universities will choose to use information-based teaching methods in order to improve teaching quality and efficiency. In the process of carrying out teaching activities in colleges and universities, we should make reasonable improvement and optimization, really introduce more scientific teaching strategies and means, give full play to the positive influence brought by the application of information technology, and enhance the level and effectiveness of overall dance teaching. Based on the author's practice and research for many years, this paper analyzes the effective strategies of applying information-based teaching methods in dance teaching of preschool education majors in secondary institution of higher learning for reference.


Informatization, Dance education, Colleges and universities