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Development of higher education management under the guidance of cultivating college students' innovative capability

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DOI: 10.25236/iemetc.2022.045


Peng Guo

Corresponding Author

Peng Guo


Innovation is the basic driving force to promote the progress of human society and the prosperity of the country. Today, human society has entered the information age, and it is more dependent on innovation. Innovation is the general trend. Without innovation, mankind will lose its direction and soul and have no future. It is a gathering place for young talents in colleges and universities, which bears the brunt of the cultivation of innovative capability and occupies an important position. Therefore, improving the management level of colleges and universities, deepening the reform of the management system of colleges and universities, and cultivating students with innovative capability are the core and basic points of the innovation and development of colleges and universities in China. If you want to succeed in the fierce international competition, you must cultivate a group of high-quality and high-level professionals with solid foundation, wide knowledge, strong capability and high quality, and all-round development in moral, intellectual and physical aspects. How to accomplish this glorious and arduous mission is a new task facing the majority of higher education workers. This paper discusses the relationship between the cultivation of innovative talents and the reform of university management system, and points out that the reform of university management system is of great significance for cultivating innovative talents, improving the quality of running Chinese universities and building world-class universities.


Innovation, Higher education, Quality education, Personnel training