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Consider on Deep Knowledge Technology in Electrical Engineering Automation

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DOI: 10.25236/icceme.2022.031


Xiaoyan Yuan, Zhe Wang, Li Ma

Corresponding Author

Xiaoyan Yuan


Strengthen knowledge is a consider hotspot in the field of machine knowledge, which is mainly used to realize decision optimization. As a kind of structured message containing experience, values, cognitive rules and specialist opinions, knowledge applied to strengthen knowledge can effectively improve the knowledge efficiency of Agent and reduce the knowledge difficulty. Recommendation system is dedicated to finding and automatically recommending valuable message and services for users from massive data, which can effectively solve the problem of message overload and become an important message technology in the era of big data.. Strengthen knowledge has become a consider hotspot in the field of recommendation system in own to date years. This paper expounds the concept, app status and future development trend of electrical automation technology, discusses the reliability and stability of electrical engineering and automation, and perfects the automation dominate system, so as to make the automation system more universal. Smart technology of electrical engineering automation can effectively adjust the operation level and quality of power system, help to improve the operation efficiency of electrical engineering automation, promote the development of China's power technology, and improve the international competitiveness of China's electrical engineering in power grid industry.


Deep strengthen knowledge technology; Electrical automation dominate