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Research on Target Detection Algorithm and Tracking Algorithm based on Artificial Intelligence Technology and Machine Vision Recognition

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DOI: 10.25236/icceme.2022.030


Tao Yuan, Li Hua

Corresponding Author

Tao Yuan


With the support of computer technology, modern science and technology can liberate labor force, promote production efficiency and improve production quality. Artificial intelligence technology has developed rapidly and has been applied in many fields. The development of emerging technologies promotes the continuous innovation of artificial intelligence technology, and artificial intelligence identification technology is a branch of artificial intelligence technology. It can solve the problem conveniently. existing in traditional intelligent technology in financial payment, code scanning and other fields, and facilitate people's work and life. Intelligent transportation system, automatic aiming and precise guidance in military affairs, etc. have begun to be applied, and they also show broad application prospects in agriculture and industry. The main purpose of visual tracking is to predict the position, scale, motion state and other information of the target in the subsequent video sequence according to the given initial target information. Combined with artificial intelligence technology, visual tracking algorithm has made a series of progress. The proposed algorithm has high success rate and accuracy, and has good tracking performance in complex scenes such as target rotation, deformation and background interference.


Artificial intelligence; Visual recognition; Tracking technology; Object detection