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Study on preparation and properties of cathode materials for new energy vehicle batteries

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DOI: 10.25236/icceme.2022.028


Chang Li, Liu Jianfeng

Corresponding Author

Liu Jianfeng


Under the background of serious exhaust pollution and increasing depletion of oil resources, the automotive industry has explored a lot in the development and application of new energy pure electric. Power battery system components are energy storage and output devices for new energy vehicles, which represent the power safety performance of new energy vehicles. With the increase of the number of new energy electric vehicles, the inconsistency problem in the power battery is gradually exposed, which affects the service life of the power battery and reduces the safety and reliability of new energy vehicles. This paper studies the preparation and properties of negative electrode materials for new energy vehicle batteries. The prepared samples are studied, and the test and evaluation system of power battery is formulated. It will not only control the battery management module at the battery module level, but also have certain requirements for the design structure of the battery itself. Through the testing of all aspects of the battery test and evaluation system, we can have an objective understanding of the negative electrode materials of new energy vehicle batteries. After research, the results of this paper are remarkable and suitable for application to society.


New energy vehicle battery cathode materials; preparation; performance study