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Design of security domain partition system for multi-domain optical fiber communication network based on optical encryption topology

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DOI: 10.25236/icceme.2022.027


Hanshuang Jia, Ka Zhang, Suiming Yang

Corresponding Author

Hanshuang Jia


With the rapid development of the economy, the business needs are multiplying, the functions of the computer system are continuously enhanced, and the complexity of the network is also increasing. At present, the main problems of the network are as follows: the network boundary is not clear enough, there is no unified planning for the security requirements of each part of the network, and the access to the core business system is not well controlled; there is no clear access control between the access systems, Networks can access each other, and the local security problems of the system can easily spread to the whole system. A scheme of dynamic security domain division is proposed to realize the dynamic security domain division of a system. From the perspective of depth, the deployment and application of security are comprehensively considered, and the network security is improved.


Communication network security; Security domain division; Boundary integration