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Analysis of Problems in Cost Management of Construction Companies in Henan Province

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DOI: 10.25236/ssah.2018.212


Shuying Wang, Jiapeng Zhang

Corresponding Author

Shuying Wang


At present, with the development of the market economy and the regulation of the government's release policy, the competition in China's construction industry is getting fiercer and the development is getting more and more perfect. Based on the analysis and research on the existing problems of construction companies in Henan Province, this paper argues that each project needs to establish a cost management system in accordance with the principle of cost management of ordinary projects, and also needs to combine the characteristics of the construction projects established by large construction companies, clarify the task of total contract cost management of the project to determine the project cost management methods and ways to achieve the expected project cost management objectives.


Construction Company, Cost Management, Project Changes, Engineering Claim.