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FPGA-based Image Acquisition Integrated Circuit Design

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DOI: 10.25236/icceme.2022.025


Junbo Chen

Corresponding Author

Junbo Chen


In the information era, image acquisition and processing technology are becoming more widespread. With the birth of big data, the amount of image information on the Internet has become geometrically graded. Therefore the traditional image acquisition and processing system no longer apply to the present image acquisition preprocessing process. This text, in this background, designed a kind of FPGA-based image acquisition integrated circuit, using a large-scale integrated circuit to carry out image acquisition processing. First, this paper carried out hardware and basic principle analysis of the FPGA chip, and based on this, the VGA display part of the digital integrated circuit was redesigned and then ensured that its power consumption was within the normal level, then the use of the edge image detection algorithm further optimized the FPGA's work efficiency and significantly improved chip efficacy.


FPGA; Image processing; Edge detection algorithm; Image filtering