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The design of monitoring the systems and information collection of training ship light boat with maritime technical ability

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DOI: 10.25236/icceme.2022.021


Dawei Yang, Miao Sun, Cheng Li

Corresponding Author

Dawei Yang


In recent years, as the intensity of training at sea is gradually expanding, the safety hazards brought about in the training process is increasing. In particular, the training of technical skills of sea and its special characteristics determine the training course whether they have outstanding conditions frequency or safety hazards in order to meet the urgent need to deal with inconvenient, difficulty in evaluating the effectiveness of training and other characteristics. Directed by the monitoring system, the correlation technique of the theory studying and the design process, we realized the training environment and boat light boat, reached the individual seat and joined long-range instructing the information such as personnel's body state monitoring at real time, and then the achieved realization of the trains the effect analysis to reach the safety control of the train.


Sea technical ability; The information collection; The boat light boat state; The life parameter; Training effect