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Study on Seismic Performance of Prefabricated Concrete Structure building

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DOI: 10.25236/icceme.2022.020


Zhang Zhongliang

Corresponding Author

Zhang Zhongliang


The application scope of prefabricated concrete buildings in China’s high-rise building projects is expanding, which has far-reaching application value for promoting energy conservation and emission reduction in the construction industry and promoting the development of green construction concept. This paper selects a prefabricated concrete high-rise building as the research object, analyzes its seismic performance with the help of model establishment, and compares and studies the seismic performance of prefabricated concrete buildings from three aspects, that is the bearing capacity of prefabricated members, the way of reinforcement and the way of joint connection, in order to provide reference for the improvement of seismic performance of concrete prefabricated buildings.


Prefabricated concrete structure, Building, Seismic performance