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Antibacterial Coating on the Surface of Implantable Materials

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DOI: 10.25236/icceme.2022.017


Lishuang Xiao

Corresponding Author

Lishuang Xiao


The desire for life has never diminished since ancient times. In ancient times, there was alchemy for longevity, while in modern times, there is surgery for bone replacement. However, on the way to survival, microorganisms such as bacteria and fungi have become one of the biggest stumbling blocks for human beings. How to cross this tiny but very threatening stumbling block to human life and health has become a popular topic among scientists for many years. In this paper, it highlights the research done by scientists in recent years on antibacterial coating on the surface of implantable materials, including polymers such as antibacterial polypeptides, titanium dioxide nanotubes and their improved products, and antibacterial coating materials obtained by surface modification methods. In addition, some prospects are presented for this field based on the previous work.


Antibacterial coating, Biomaterials, Implantable materials