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Numerical Simulation and Optimization of Coal-fired Boiler System based on Dynamic Grid Technology

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DOI: 10.25236/icceme.2022.015


Xiaoyan Zhang

Corresponding Author

Xiaoyan Zhang


Coal-fired power generation will remain the most important power generation mode in China for a long time to come, and the changes of resources, environment and climate have brought severe challenges to the sustainable development of coal-fired power generation. In the electricity market, with the increasingly prominent energy crisis and people's awareness of the importance of the environment, energy conservation and environmental protection are the eternal issues faced by the coal-fired power station industry. At present, thermal power generation still occupies a strong position in China, accounting for about 70% of the national power generation. A series of reform measures and environmental protection requirements are put forward for national thermal power plants, which require large-scale utility boilers to limit pollutant emissions into the atmosphere while improving combustion economic benefits. Coal-fired utility boiler is not only a huge power source, but also a huge pollution source, so it is of great significance to optimize its combustion operation. With the increasing capacity of coal-fired thermal power units, increasing parameters and increasing complexity of the system, the research on optimal control and state diagnosis of coal-fired boiler system based on furnace parameter measurement will provide an effective solution for coal-fired thermal power units to achieve high efficiency, pollution emission, safe and stable operation.


Grid technology; Numerical simulation; Coal-fired boiler system