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Study on preparation of polythene antibacterial and mildew proof packaging material and its technology for fruit and vegetable preservation

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DOI: 10.25236/icceme.2022.013


Junling Zhang, Yangyuan Zhi

Corresponding Author

Junling Zhang


How to prolong the shelf life of fruit and vegetable products at room temperature and ensure the safety of food and the health of consumers is the pursuit of fruit and vegetable products industry. Through the screening of anti-mildew and anti-fogging agents, it is concluded that anti-mildew agent OBPA, and anti-fogging agents PGFE, GMS and PGM can improve the anti-mildew and anti-fogging performance of polyethylene plastic wrap respectively. Anti-fogging and antibacterial packaging film can obviously improve the appearance quality of packaged products, maintain the humidity in the packaging environment and inhibit the growth and reproduction of microorganisms on the food surface, thus ensuring the quality of fresh food and prolonging its shelf life. With the increase of the content of modified fluororesin powder, the transmittance of the film gradually decreases, the haze gradually increases, the tensile strength first increases and then decreases, and the oxygen permeability of the film increases first and then decreases. When the mass fraction of modified fluororesin powder is above 4%, it can inhibit mold. The antibacterial and mildewproof wrapping paper can control the growth of microorganisms in the packaging environment by slowly releasing the ingredients with antibacterial and mildewproof effects. Anti-mildew agent and anti-fog agent reduce the transparency of fresh-keeping film, and the addition amount is negatively related to the transparency. Anti-mildew agent and anti-fog agent reduce the oxygen permeability and moisture permeability of fresh-keeping film.


Polyethylene; Antimicrobial packaging materials; Fruit and vegetable preservation; technical study