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Calculation of bridge seismic dynamic reliability based on seismic vulnerability

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DOI: 10.25236/icceme.2022.011


Wenyu Xu, Yanqun Zhou

Corresponding Author

Yanqun Zhou


In order to evaluate and calculate the seismic dynamic reliability of bridge structures, a calculation method of seismic dynamic reliability of Bridges Based on three-dimensional seismic vulnerability is proposed in this paper. Based on the theory of bridge seismic vulnerability, the damage condition of pier column and bearing components is described by the three-dimensional failure surface of components, and the damage judgment standard containing multiple single damage indexes is used as the evaluation index of three-dimensional seismic vulnerability; Secondly, based on the analysis of the bending failure of existing piers, the damage state judgment equation of pier bending and shear failure is established; Based on the relevant literature, the adaptive damage comparison table is made, and various damage degrees are quantified. On this basis, combined with the seismic design criteria and seismic related theories of bridges at home and abroad, the seismic dynamic reliability is calculated and analyzed. The simple test of seismic vulnerability shows that this method can be applied to the seismic performance analysis of bridge structures.


Seismic vulnerability; Bridge; Seismic; Reliability