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Application of 3D scanning measurement and BIM technology in the construction of large special-shaped buildings

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DOI: 10.25236/icceme.2022.009


Zhigang Lv

Corresponding Author

Zhigang Lv


3D scanning measurement is one of the most mainstream measurement methods at present, and has been widely used in the field of construction engineering due to its characteristics of high efficiency, high accuracy and complete non-contact measurement. Combining it with BIM technology can deal with some difficult problems in the field of construction engineering, improve the design efficiency, and ensure the efficient and quality of construction engineering. By introducing the 3d scanning measurement with BIM technology principle, combined with the data contrast and reverse modeling application mode, analyzes the installation and quality monitoring in the building, ancient buildings and cultural relics protection and reconstruction engineering applications, and points out the problems existing in the application process. The BIM technology and 3D laser scanning technology are combined to measure the main structure by using laser scanning to generate the correlation model in reverse, and then cooperate with the structural model and the sub-structure model to solve the problem of cooperation between professionals, and successfully achieve the goal of deepening the design and construction. This paper introduces the application principle, operation process and operation key points of 3D laser scanning and BIM technology, and summarizes its advantages and application value in the construction of large special-shaped building projects.


3D scanning measurement; BIM technology; Large special-shaped buildings