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Research on Computer Network Security under Big Digital Background

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DOI: 10.25236/icceme.2022.008


Junfang Liu

Corresponding Author

Junfang Liu


Big data is an inevitable outcome of the rapid development of computer network technology. It mainly refers to the data sets that are difficult to be processed, managed and captured by conventional software in a specific period of time. It has the characteristics of authenticity, low density, diversity, high speed and mass. However, massive data resources spread on the network, and information sharing is becoming stronger and stronger, which increases the risk of network security. Therefore, it is urgent to take effective measures to strengthen network security in relevant industries. Based on this, combined with the influence factors of computer network security under the background of big data, the computer network security protection measures under the background of big data exhibition. In the current environment of big data era, communication technology develops at a fast speed, and computer network system is widely used. The computer network system not only runs efficiently, but also has good expansibility and sharing. In the process of using the network, people are prone to data damage or theft accidents, which lead to personal information material damage, but also let the psychological shadow of the stolen. From the perspective of network security, this paper analyzes the data privacy encryption algorithm in the era of big data, and classifies the factors that may threaten computer network security one by one, so as to carefully analyze how to prevent security problems, and make certain reference for personal and company information security.


Big digital background; Computer network; Safety precaution study