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Implementation of arbitrary binary timer based on medium scale integrated circuit

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DOI: 10.25236/icceme.2022.003


Changping Gao

Corresponding Author

Changping Gao


With the rapid development of electronic technology, there are more and more kinds of integrated circuits, and the scale of integration is also growing. In order to adapt to various application fields, the factory designed and produced various corresponding ASIC. Timer is an indispensable part of digital system, which can not only be used for counting, timing and frequency division, but also often used to measure pulse frequency and pulse width, thus constituting various circuits in life. The application of integrated circuit timer has been very popular, but there are few types of stereotypes. At present, there are many different binary timer modules in medium scale integrated circuits, but there are generally only two or three binary modules in single timer function blocks. We must master the connection method of using existing timer chips to form other arbitrary binary timers. Using medium scale integrated circuit timer chip to design arbitrary binary timer is a very important content in digital logic design. As long as we fully understand their logic functions, we can put forward various logic design methods and explore new application fields.


Medium scale integrated circuit; arbitrary base; timer