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Study on the Optimization Path of Government Public Decision Making from the Perspective of Big Data

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DOI: 10.25236/aeiit.2022.038


Hongguang Wang, Jiahao Chen

Corresponding Author

Hongguang Wang


The advent of the era of big data provides a brand-new thinking concept and methodological tools for government public decision making. It provides an alternative way for the modernization transformation of government public decision-making and the optimization of decision making. Big data decision-making helps to modernize the national governance system and governance capacity, realize the scientific and fairness of public decision making, take into account the needs of different decision-making interest subjects, and maximize the effect of decision making. However, big data decision making under the current stage faces some dilemmas and shackles. This paper analyzes how to transcend the dilemmas of big data decision making and proposes the optimization path of public decision-making in the context of big data.


Big data; Value and significance; Problems; Optimization path