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The History and Current Situation of Sino-Vietnamese Music Cultural Exchange

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DOI: 10.25236/aeiit.2022.037


Aijun Zou, Shengdong Yue, Shanshan Liu

Corresponding Author

Shengdong Yue


Vietnam and China have a geographical and cultural relationship, and they are both members of the Asian Han cultural circle. Music cultural exchanges have a long history as well. Through the analysis of the traditional Vietnamese performance art "A đào’s Song", which is similar to the "Ca trù" in the Tang Dynasty and shares the same lyrics with it, this paper expounds the "historical product" of Sino-Vietnamese musical exchanges - the "A đào’s Song". The monochord is now an intangible cultural heritage in Guangxi, China, and it is also a traditional musical instrument of the Viet people, the main ethnic group in Vietnam. This article will take the monochord as an example to explain the current situation of music cultural exchanges between China and Vietnam.


Music cultural exchange, the "A đào’s Song", the Monochord