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An employment-oriented study on oral English teaching for flight attendants in higher vocational colleges

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DOI: 10.25236/aeiit.2022.034


Yulin Li, Chao Cui

Corresponding Author

Yulin Li


For high vocational schools students basic English is poorer, the purpose of the oral English learning is not clear, enthusiasm is not high, according to the theory of language input, output, and contextual theory, and constructivism theory, pay attention to oral English professional application scenarios, pay attention to knowledge, employment guidance in higher vocational colleges is put forward flight attendant professional oral English teaching methods. Make clear course nature, course objective, course content and course requirement, pilot project teaching of oral English course, and constantly improve and optimize classroom teaching. Through classroom observation, assessment and interview, the teaching effect was evaluated. The results show that this study can further enrich the oral English teaching of flight attendants in higher vocational colleges, and effectively improve students' oral English ability and professional comprehensive quality.


Career Orientation, Flight Attendant Major, Oral English, Teaching Research