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Discussion and Practice of Integrating Marketing Recruitment Strategy in Private Colleges and Universities

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DOI: 10.25236/aeiit.2022.033


Fan Chen, Hongxia Wu

Corresponding Author

Fan Chen


Privately-run colleges and universities are short of funds, scientific and effective management and supervision system, and there are more and more serious crisis of students. The source of enrollment is the life of private colleges and universities, which is related to the survival and development of private colleges and universities. Combined with private universities recruit students work and the present situation of the marketing strategy, through reading a large number of relevant literature, according to the theory of integrated marketing, combined with the present situation of the private colleges admissions marketing strategy, analysis of the present stage private colleges in the existing problems in marketing strategy, and from the aspects of product strategy, price strategy, channel strategy and promotion strategy is analyzed respectively, To implement integrated marketing strategies and suggestions. In order to promote the recruitment of private colleges and lay a good foundation for the healthy and sustainable development of private higher education in China.


Private Colleges, Integrated Marketing, Recruitment Strategy, Higher Education