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An Analysis of Cultivation Strategies of Correct Values of College Students from the Perspective of Red Classic Stories

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DOI: 10.25236/aeiit.2022.030


Donghong Xie, Qiu Yu, Xuezheng Liu, Linfang Nie, Zihan Jin, Yongjian Huang

Corresponding Author

Yongjian Huang


Facing with the challenge of pluralistic social trend of thought and liberalized value orientation, how to cultivate the correct values of college students is a major issue for all mankind to think seriously. The red culture is the spiritual product of the special era, the high quality carrier of people's cognition of historical facts beyond time and space, and the effective resource and cultural basis for cultivating college students'correct values. Therefore, from the perspective of red classic stories, we need to integrate the red classic stories into professional courses, community organizations, campus culture and social practice, and make them "integrated in teaching, embodied in body, embodied in environment and practiced in public", internalize them into people's spiritual pursuit and externalize them into people's conscious actions. Secondly, we need to adhere to the network education, expand the educational front, expand the channel of value education of college students. Finally, we need to create an excellent family education environment so that students can return to life courses, and gather red spirit in family life based on family life experience, so as to carry out the value education of college students.


Red Classic Stories, College Students' Values, Cultivation Strategies