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Application of PAD Class in Geography Teaching—Taking “The Causes of Natural Disasters”as an Example

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DOI: 10.25236/aeiit.2022.029


Qiuyue Zhao, Jianqing Qi, Jian Xu, Bo Song, Rui Zhou

Corresponding Author

Qiuyue Zhao


With the advancement of new curriculum reform and the development of Chinese basic education, the dilemma of traditional teaching needs to be broken, so the dual classroom emerges as the times require. Taking the course of “Causes of natural disasters”as an example, this paper applies the divided-class model to the teaching design, implements the cultivation of geography core quality, and carries out life education and disaster education to the students while learning knowledge. The practice research shows that the PAD classes can improve the traditional classroom “Cramming”teaching method, and can effectively improve the teaching quality.


PAD class; High school geography; Instructional design; Classroom teaching