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Educational Reforms and Innovations in the South Caucasus Region

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DOI: 10.25236/aeiit.2022.027


Shabnam Dadparvar

Corresponding Author

Shabnam Dadparvar


The focus of this article is on the analysis of some significant reforms and innovations implemented in the education sector by the governments of the South Caucasus region. During the USSR period, the SC region’s education system was based on standard of soviet model which was imposed by Moscow. After the independence, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia started successfully to move forward towards the development and established the relations with different international institutions, as well as started to learn from developed countries in education and other fields. These countries started the implementation of reforms focused on the progression of education and development of international relations in the sphere of education to ensure compliance with international standards. At the beginning, they were not affluent of many resources to make the large-scale changes in education system, however, they got support from different international organizations to commence the process of modern education systems. This article provides a brief overview over various programs, processes, as well as the difficulties and impact of plans on the education system of SC countries. Nowadays, this region with the international support, is working towards providing a high quality education for its citizens.


education system, South Caucasus, opportunities, measures