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Construction and Optimization of College Students' Self-Identity from the Perspective of Symbiosis

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DOI: 10.25236/aeiit.2022.024


Yihan Du

Corresponding Author

Yihan Du


Under the background of modernity, people will have a sense of unintentionalness to individuals in the practice of social participation, that is, individuals' denial of themselves. College freshmen are bound to face the change of self-identity in the change from high school life to college life environment. Individuals produce psychological discomfort and even emotional disorder in this separation, which can not effectively adjust their self-identity. Based on the existing research literature, this paper explores the possibility and mode of action of self-identity structure under the framework of symbiosis theory, and puts forward relevant opinions and suggestions from the three basic elements of symbiosis, in order to form an effective construction model of College Students' self-identity.


Symbiosis, Self identification, College student