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A Summary Research on Chinese Women's Competitive Taekwondo—Take the Window Period (2010-2020) as an Example

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DOI: 10.25236/aeiit.2022.023


Fan Gu, Bin Long, Fang Li, Liqing Zhang, Aihua Qiu

Corresponding Author

Bin Long


In recent years, women's taekwondo has made brilliant achievements in the International arena of the Olympic Games. As an official event of the Olympic Games, taekwondo has attracted the attention of the world, while the academic circles of sports pay more and more attention to its theoretical level In order to promote the further development of Women's Taekwondo in China and explore the causes of the development of women's taekwondo in modern China, this paper made statistics and sorting out the relevant literature of women's taekwondo from 2010 to 2020, and found that the main research contents of taekwondo in recent ten years are: technical characteristics of taekwondo athletes, competition rules, taekwondo skills and tactics, etc Therefore, women's Taekwondo has great development potential. This paper provides more ideas for the researchers behind, and creates a better development platform for Chinese Taekwondo.


Women's Taekwondo; 2010-2020; Review The Researchwomen